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 Meet The Team 


Perfect Style's managing and creative director. Trained in New York and with more than 3 decades of hairdressing experience under his belt, there's only a rare few who have more passion for hairstyling than he.


"Hairstyling is an art, and life will be boring without art in your life." 



Equipped with an impeccable eye for detail and trained with Tony & Guy, Perfect Style's Chief Colorist strives to bring out the most ideal tones and shades so that customers will never fail to shine under any light.



"It brings me great joy in knowing that my craft helps many of my clients bring out their confidence and help them achieve the best possible health for their hair while maintaining the perfect cut that's suitable for their lifestyle."


"There's not one day that is the same as another - especially when there is never a one-size-fits-all look that works on every person. That is the challenge that keeps me motivated to better my craft.


I look forward to seeing our customers leave our salon with that indescribable glow and hidden smile every single day.

Well, everyday except when we are closed on Mondays"


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